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Raster Electronic UK Limited

About R&D

Strong R&D department is essential for our company to innovate and stride for excellence. Raster-UK keeps technology innovation and implementation in embedded structure applications, audio/video encoding/decoding arithmetic and network protocol research. All of these bring us in the leading place in the industry and guarantees excellent performance of our products.

Market Strategy

Oriented to the market requirements and keeping win-win cooperation as our guidance, Raster-UK is continuously devoted to seeking market expansion and promotion, developing overseas customers, enhancing brand credit and reputation. Sharing the better products, service and interests, Raster-UK and our cooperators will grow and get stronger together.

Promoting market is one of advantages in Raster-UK to follow it as strategy, producing high-quality products.

Other way to take best share in market is to get our client satisfaction and pay attention to their requires so in Raster-UK technology gives services to customers.

And the other strategy followed by Raster-UK is to develop overseas customers, enhance brand credit and reputation.

Service system

Perfect service system and deep service consciousness are our guarantee to meet the customers’ demands. Raster-UK has established the network for after sales services all over the country. The qualified and experienced service experts provide the quickest and best services to you.

Moreover, Raster-UK has been conducting the training for after sales service engineers through the regular training in the places of overseas partners. The headquarter also provides the after sales service training to the buyers all over the world.

Raster-UK also provides service with customized features and offers professional security and surveillance system solutions to meet various customers’ demands.


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